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Company For Christmas –Join the Party!

If you find yourself alone on The Big Day, head over to Company for Christmas and chat (WordPress style) with us!

Company for Christmas is a seasonal blog set up for folks that are isolated or can’t be with family or friends. A group of all-star bloggers will be moderating. Somehow I managed to sneak my way in. We’ll be talking about Christmas, community, blogging, relationships, and barbecued ribs. Basically it’s just a big ole party, and YOU’RE invited! Just click on that big C4C button on the right and join the fun.

I’ll be moderating in the coveted early-morning slot from 8am (eastern standard time USA) till 10am, so make sure you drop by my page and show some love, I need the support of my peeps!



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Major Milestone, 100 Views WooHoo!!!

WordPress should be alerted that due to some unknown technical error, bloggers have accidentally viewed my page as they were surfing for something else. Apparently this has now happened over 100 times. Fortunately some of you have been kind enough to leave comments and I greatly appreciate that.

Speaking of statistics aren’t they positively addicting! I check mine every fifteen minutes or so. I don’t know how much you really get out of it though, page views seem to be related to how much you post and how much you comment on other people’s posts, read more here.

The graphs are cool though, now if I could just have trend lines and plot moving averages and stochastics I would be in charting heaven. I like to see where my views come from, isn’t that the balls! Some bloke in England keeps clicking here by accident. South Africa, pretty exotic.

Then there is the occasional view from India. What’s happening there is that I wrote a post on internet multilevel marketing scams/opportunities (the jury’s still out on this one) and some of these people have Virtual Assistants over in Bangalore. What they do is post comments on behalf of the marketer, find articles about internet business and follow the authors, stuff like that. That’s why you keep getting comments from different people that are exactly the same. Many of these are just trying to boost their hits on Google so that when you search “make money blogging” their comment would come up higher in the search results. In any case I don’t mind these folks because it makes my chart look prettier.

As some of you may have noticed, I need to add more content. It’s hard writing the blog when I’m feeling like shit so I haven’t been posting much, just lurking. Topics coming up are home-made-wine making (we’re starting a new batch), zombie-proofing your garden, the rest of that short-story, blogging and SEO, and some rants on all this healthcare debate.

Does anyone have any topics they would like to see on this blog? Please comment below. As always, thanks for reading!


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Make Big Money Blogging! Fantasy? Pyramid Scheme? Or Both?

When you have about, I dunno, five followers on WordPress you don’t want to piss any of them off. But I’m pretty sure more than half of these folks followed me so that I would check out their blog, which has some irresistible tagline like: “Turn your blog into a cash machine”, or “Make five figures a month blogging in your underwear”. Supposedly all of these guys and gals are living on tropical islands getting served blended cocktails all day long and only work a couple of hours.

Unfortunately for me I’m a sucker for get-rich-quick schemes, or their more modern incarnation “lifestyle design” programs. My Yahoo mail inbox is crammed full of real estate wholesaling course advertisements, the latest online “affiliate marketing” (the slick new term for something that smells a lot to me like Amway) hype, and doomsday investment advisers trying to get me to come to their webinars or expensive big-shot summit meetings. Maybe it’s the old bipolar kicking in, I get all excited and so obsessed with something that my expectations are way too high. I’ve read “The Four Hour Work Week”, and it was pretty damn good. The fantasy is just too appealing.

How many of you would like to get paid for blogging? Uh, dumb question huh? Probably everyone reading this. So, of course I’m not immune to the allure of blogging for money, but what’s the catch? Well let’s see it seems to involve paying money every month for a service that is free here on WordPress. Then I guess if you want to get those fat checks rolling in you have to get other people to pay their monthly fees and so on. A classic. “But wait, the internet is here and that changes everything!” they say. Yeah but it’s the same model. Instead of having to convince your buddies to buy soap you now have to convince them to buy web services. “But the internet allows you to have millions of buddies, there is an almost endless supply!” Yeah but I don’t want to make friends just so I can sell them stuff!

What’s your experience? Have you too had followers pitching these schemes? Do any of you involved in affiliate marketing want a rebuttal?


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NaBloPoMo Me

Are any of my adoring followers taking part in NaBloPoMo?

For two weeks I’ve been setting up the basics of my blog: experimenting with themes, writing a few posts, reading and commenting on other blogs, etc. It’s getting near the end of November and I just figured out what NaBloPoMo stands for, duh! I could have just Googled it but I was too busy changing diapers, editing my WIP, feeding my animal horde, paying bills, and all those terribly mundane other chores that make up my daily life. I’ve been walking around in my usual fog thinking “what is all this NaBlo crap they’re writing about? Some kind of contest?” Again Google, duh. Finally I clicked one of the numerous prominent links here on WordPress and discovered that there is a month devoted to blogging every day and this slacker just plopped himself right down in the middle of it. Sigh.

Did I mention that I’m currently employed as a house-husband? Yup, I take care of our ten-month-old baby while the wife goes off to work. Pretty sweet gig huh? This only relates in that I’m using nap time for blogging. Supposedly I’m using this opportunity to complete my novel, and blogging is just to stretch my writing muscles, but it’s a bit addicting isn’t it? Besides, who has time when you have an infant to take care of? I find myself having to write at two-thirty in the morning and that can’t be effective. Maybe a post on house-husbanding would be interesting?

The point of all this is just to ask those of you who’re into the NaBloPoMo thing what your experience has been so far? Is it a challenge to post everyday? Do you feel like an underpaid journalist yet? Please comment, and thanks for reading!



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