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Major Milestone, 100 Views WooHoo!!!

WordPress should be alerted that due to some unknown technical error, bloggers have accidentally viewed my page as they were surfing for something else. Apparently this has now happened over 100 times. Fortunately some of you have been kind enough to leave comments and I greatly appreciate that.

Speaking of statistics aren’t they positively addicting! I check mine every fifteen minutes or so. I don’t know how much you really get out of it though, page views seem to be related to how much you post and how much you comment on other people’s posts, read more here.

The graphs are cool though, now if I could just have trend lines and plot moving averages and stochastics I would be in charting heaven. I like to see where my views come from, isn’t that the balls! Some bloke in England keeps clicking here by accident. South Africa, pretty exotic.

Then there is the occasional view from India. What’s happening there is that I wrote a post on internet multilevel marketing scams/opportunities (the jury’s still out on this one) and some of these people have Virtual Assistants over in Bangalore. What they do is post comments on behalf of the marketer, find articles about internet business and follow the authors, stuff like that. That’s why you keep getting comments from different people that are exactly the same. Many of these are just trying to boost their hits on Google so that when you search “make money blogging” their comment would come up higher in the search results. In any case I don’t mind these folks because it makes my chart look prettier.

As some of you may have noticed, I need to add more content. It’s hard writing the blog when I’m feeling like shit so I haven’t been posting much, just lurking. Topics coming up are home-made-wine making (we’re starting a new batch), zombie-proofing your garden, the rest of that short-story, blogging and SEO, and some rants on all this healthcare debate.

Does anyone have any topics they would like to see on this blog? Please comment below. As always, thanks for reading!



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