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Take the Midnite Special and DubStep Into Deafness

Due to some house guests that I had to attend to for the past three weeks I haven’t been able to blog at all. Plus I’ve been feeling a little depressed recently and usually when that happens I drop out of things and disconnect from other people. Things are looking better though, I had a great visit with my son when he came up for a week over school break.

When I drove to Cape Cod to pick him up I also dropped off my two brother-in-laws. I get along pretty well with them but after a couple of weeks was happy to be driving them home. My fatal error was bringing the cable I have that connects an ipod to the car stereo. My brother-in-law hooked up his ipad and took control. He’s into, and I mean REALLY into, this reggae band called Midnite. They come from St. Croix, not Jamaica, so that immediately sends up red flags for this Reggae purist and aficionado. Have you heard of “jam” bands like Phish and the Greatful Dead? Well Midnite is basically a reggae jam band. Their songs are like ten minutes long. Supposedly they come out with three albums a year, so much for quality over quantity. My brother-in-law breathlessly exclaims that at the last show he went to in New York they played for four hours straight with only a short break. Uh, no thanks. I’ve never been into that kind of music, so I’m not faulting Midnite fans, it’s just not for me. In any case we all had to listen to how “Rasta to the bone” the lead singer was and other ramblings accompanied by some pretty generic and forgettable riddims. This was at a volume that surely voided any warrantee on the speaker system. I did get turned on to a Reggae artist from Guyana called Natural Black. He’s been around for a while but I never checked him out. He has a nice song called “Life be Same” on the Istanbul Riddim that you can watch on YouTube here.

After that I got to pick up my son and enjoyed a couple of memorable road trips back and forth from the Cape with him. On these drives we got a chance to talk a little about random things that interest twelve-year-old boys. Part of the time was spent educating me* on the new music “gamers” are listening to. They call it DubStep, It sounds a lot like techno to me but I’m just not hip anymore. At least there are no annoying lyrics like you get from pop these days. My son is amused that I’ve become interested in DubStep, and I found out why after reading about it on Wikipedia. Apparently it originated in South London and is derived from “Drum and Bass” and Reggae Dancehall Dj styles. The emphasis is usually on the third beat, just like Reggae, and most DubStep songs include a “bass drop”, which is also employed in many Reggae riddims. My son hates Reggae, and it probably kills him that DubStep is related.

It was sad bringing my son back to my ex’s house after a nice week together; but he had a lot of fun skiing, bowling (the only thing I can beat him at), shooting a shot gun, and exploring the woods with me. He’ll be back for more visits and I’ll get to see his hockey tournament in a couple of weeks too.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year to all!

* Playing his ipod through the car’s speaker system at decibel levels approaching a space shuttle launch.



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Major Milestone, 100 Views WooHoo!!!

WordPress should be alerted that due to some unknown technical error, bloggers have accidentally viewed my page as they were surfing for something else. Apparently this has now happened over 100 times. Fortunately some of you have been kind enough to leave comments and I greatly appreciate that.

Speaking of statistics aren’t they positively addicting! I check mine every fifteen minutes or so. I don’t know how much you really get out of it though, page views seem to be related to how much you post and how much you comment on other people’s posts, read more here.

The graphs are cool though, now if I could just have trend lines and plot moving averages and stochastics I would be in charting heaven. I like to see where my views come from, isn’t that the balls! Some bloke in England keeps clicking here by accident. South Africa, pretty exotic.

Then there is the occasional view from India. What’s happening there is that I wrote a post on internet multilevel marketing scams/opportunities (the jury’s still out on this one) and some of these people have Virtual Assistants over in Bangalore. What they do is post comments on behalf of the marketer, find articles about internet business and follow the authors, stuff like that. That’s why you keep getting comments from different people that are exactly the same. Many of these are just trying to boost their hits on Google so that when you search “make money blogging” their comment would come up higher in the search results. In any case I don’t mind these folks because it makes my chart look prettier.

As some of you may have noticed, I need to add more content. It’s hard writing the blog when I’m feeling like shit so I haven’t been posting much, just lurking. Topics coming up are home-made-wine making (we’re starting a new batch), zombie-proofing your garden, the rest of that short-story, blogging and SEO, and some rants on all this healthcare debate.

Does anyone have any topics they would like to see on this blog? Please comment below. As always, thanks for reading!


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NaBloPoMo Me

Are any of my adoring followers taking part in NaBloPoMo?

For two weeks I’ve been setting up the basics of my blog: experimenting with themes, writing a few posts, reading and commenting on other blogs, etc. It’s getting near the end of November and I just figured out what NaBloPoMo stands for, duh! I could have just Googled it but I was too busy changing diapers, editing my WIP, feeding my animal horde, paying bills, and all those terribly mundane other chores that make up my daily life. I’ve been walking around in my usual fog thinking “what is all this NaBlo crap they’re writing about? Some kind of contest?” Again Google, duh. Finally I clicked one of the numerous prominent links here on WordPress and discovered that there is a month devoted to blogging every day and this slacker just plopped himself right down in the middle of it. Sigh.

Did I mention that I’m currently employed as a house-husband? Yup, I take care of our ten-month-old baby while the wife goes off to work. Pretty sweet gig huh? This only relates in that I’m using nap time for blogging. Supposedly I’m using this opportunity to complete my novel, and blogging is just to stretch my writing muscles, but it’s a bit addicting isn’t it? Besides, who has time when you have an infant to take care of? I find myself having to write at two-thirty in the morning and that can’t be effective. Maybe a post on house-husbanding would be interesting?

The point of all this is just to ask those of you who’re into the NaBloPoMo thing what your experience has been so far? Is it a challenge to post everyday? Do you feel like an underpaid journalist yet? Please comment, and thanks for reading!



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