Ice Sculptures


I have a professional grade luge course in my driveway. The temperature has been below freezing but somehow instead of snow, it has been raining. The entire house, deck, and yard is covered in ice. This is looking out the kitchen window at the lovely shrubbery.

So I dumped a bag of rock salt on the driveway and started hacking away with a metal spade. It was nice to be outside, and out in the woods I could hear branches snapping and giving way under the ice. After an hour of chopping the wife was able to drive up the hill and into the garage, success!

Luckily the power is still on. Is anyone else out there covered in ice too?

UPDATE: We lost the power about a half-hour after I posted this. Figures.



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5 responses to “Ice Sculptures

  1. Agh, I hope you got your power back on. I have bamboo that is about two stories high and it was completely laid low across my backyard for about 5 days… somehow it all melted and it’s recovered completely.

    • Aussa,
      Thanks, our power was only out for 12 hours so it was just a minor inconvenience. The dude I bought an assault rifle from in Walmart said a tree came down in his yard and shattered the light pole and transformers. There was all kinds of cool sparks I guess. He said the fire marshal told him it would be two weeks before they can do anything about it, merry Christmas dude.
      Bamboo is amazingly flexible isn’t it?
      I have stalked your blog before, it’s smart and sassy and looks like you spend a lot of time with it. I’m not up for any dating advice, but the psych ward stories are especially interesting. I had an inside view of the psych ward a couple times and the occupants are sometimes quite entertaining. Warm Regards,

      • That is nuts– we all need to own generators. We’re just one shattered light pole away from the dark ages… We had a Braums delivery truck drive into some low hanging (because of the ice) power lines near a major intersection and it knocked out a huge neighborhood for a few days… I think I would just get in my car and start driving south 😉

        I like your use of “stalk” in regards to visiting my blog, and I’m always ALWAYS curious to hear from people who have had (as you say) an inside view of a psych ward, to see whether it feels like a honest portrayal of some of the experiences that are had. Anyways… Hope you all are staying warm 🙂

      • Did I say “stalking”? I meant “visiting” 🙂
        There are some real characters in the psych ward sometimes, and I’ve stayed on a couple of occasions since the food was so good, but I thought a lot of the people were pretty normal. Although that’s all relative isn’t it? If I were more motivated I would blog about some of my experiences. Maybe when my holiday company has all left and I can get something done.

      • You should definitely blog those stories. I think they need to be told… there is far too much that feels all hush hush about it. The good and the bad should be talked about.

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