We Have Fermentation!


My wife and I just started a new batch of Chardonnay from a Wine Expert kit.  The primary fermenting tank is sitting in our living room and the whole place smells like baking bread from the yeast doing its thing. In the picture you can see the bubbles of carbon dioxide that are given off by the fermentation. There are several stages involved in wine making starting with the primary fermentation, which in the case of this white will be about a week. Next the wine is transferred to a carboy for a couple of weeks to finish fermenting. Finally, the wine goes through a stabilization and clearing process. In only about six weeks, if I don’t screw something up, we’ll have twenty-seven bottles of excellent wine for the cellar. I’ll update as we go from stage to stage.


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4 responses to “We Have Fermentation!

  1. The secondary fermentation through a glass carboy is awesome to stare at too 😀 The bubbles coming out of the release valve is memorizing I must say

    • Mr Dank:
      I don’t even drink, but I love the whole process, and yeah it’s fun to watch when it’s in the carboy especially. Thanks for reading!

      • 😀 Its always nice to find passionate people on wordpress or any blogging platform for that matter. Interaction with people is what makes us continue doing the things we do online, like blogging!

  2. What fun ! we used to make muscadine wine in GA. There is nothing better than a superb batch of your own 🙂

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