NaBloPoMo Me

Are any of my adoring followers taking part in NaBloPoMo?

For two weeks I’ve been setting up the basics of my blog: experimenting with themes, writing a few posts, reading and commenting on other blogs, etc. It’s getting near the end of November and I just figured out what NaBloPoMo stands for, duh! I could have just Googled it but I was too busy changing diapers, editing my WIP, feeding my animal horde, paying bills, and all those terribly mundane other chores that make up my daily life. I’ve been walking around in my usual fog thinking “what is all this NaBlo crap they’re writing about? Some kind of contest?” Again Google, duh. Finally I clicked one of the numerous prominent links here on WordPress and discovered that there is a month devoted to blogging every day and this slacker just plopped himself right down in the middle of it. Sigh.

Did I mention that I’m currently employed as a house-husband? Yup, I take care of our ten-month-old baby while the wife goes off to work. Pretty sweet gig huh? This only relates in that I’m using nap time for blogging. Supposedly I’m using this opportunity to complete my novel, and blogging is just to stretch my writing muscles, but it’s a bit addicting isn’t it? Besides, who has time when you have an infant to take care of? I find myself having to write at two-thirty in the morning and that can’t be effective. Maybe a post on house-husbanding would be interesting?

The point of all this is just to ask those of you who’re into the NaBloPoMo thing what your experience has been so far? Is it a challenge to post everyday? Do you feel like an underpaid journalist yet? Please comment, and thanks for reading!




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12 responses to “NaBloPoMo Me

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  2. Ooooh, uhhhhh… haven’t heard of this NaBlo crap, but since starting our blog Kat and I have posted everyday (may have missed a day come to think of it)….. yes, it’s lots of work, but I thought that’s what blogging is – to post daily? Oh dear, what do I know!! ~SueBee

  3. My daughter has an 8 month old, so I don’t really see how you can get any writing or much of anything else done. My heart goes out to you…of course, she also has a three year old, so that kind of complicates things.

    • Two of the little buggers is exponentially harder! I have two older children and when they were toddlers it was bedlam, but we had a lot of fun. My little one will bypass all her toys and crawl straight for the most dangerous thing in the room, so I have to watch her constantly. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hi. I’ve added my NaBloPoMo blogs to my Pinterest ‘hangout’ – not really used it much yet – and am looking forward to seeing ‘myself’ in images at the end of the 30 days. I hope it will be food for thought. Will only know the benefits of blogging daily is after some period of reflection. I do know that it hasn’t been difficult. It seems I can ‘write, write, write and write’! When I started blogging 2 years ago it took ages to write a single blog post. Ann

  5. Hey hey! I didn’t do NaBlo, but it did inspire me to begin the novel that’s been burning me up for a year. I put the short stories aside, and gave it a shot. No way I’ll be near finished this month, but hopefully, at 1000 words a day minimum, I’ll be done by spring. I’m also a stay-at-home husband and though we don’t have kids, we’re trying like hell!

  6. I write every weekday. Does that count? I find it’s been very good for me. I keep my writing muscles in shape and rest on the weekend so I don’t burnout. By Sunday evening I’m eager to write again.

    • I think you need to give yourself a break too, give your brain time to rest and cook up some other ideas. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Actually writing on my blog is very much like writing in a diary. Very little of what I write is “meant” for others. There’s a freedom that comes with recording my free-floating thoughts in a…I guess I could say permanent form. Though I always enjoy input and discussion.

        I feel like I have a thousand things to say and that list only grows. I have to actually restrict myself to one post a day. As long as I feel like this I will keep writing.

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